Tracks 11 & 12


This was another track that was recorded before I started working on TWW. This record was up for consideration for Take Me To Your Leader but never made the final cut. I first heard this beat back when Plex Luthor & I were working together as audio engineers for a…

Two of my favorite tracks on the album!

I keep seeing people mention how the girl Ezra’s mother paid off obviously wasn’t Maggie since Malcolm wasn’t actually Ezra’s, so that pregnant girl must have been Allison. Are people forgetting that up until Ezra found out about Malcolm, Maggie and Malcolm were living in Ezra’s mother’s condo

His biological son or not, Maggie is still the pregnant girl his mother paid off. 

I call bullshit…

I’m not buying Ezra being A. Too much of that doesn’t add up. Starting with (but definitely not ending with) the fact that Ezra doesn’t wear suits like that nearly often enough for him to have multiples. (Wren does though, just saying.) Not to mention damn near everything about the situation with Malcolm. 

Now all the sudden, after all that, Big A is a man? 

I’ll be pissed if it is Ezra for obvious reasons, but if he’s not and it was just the writers fucking with us, that’s pretty much close to the last straw for me. I get that it’s a show about mystery and twists but at some point it would be nice if something they revealed was actually the fucking truth.

That was a girl’s eye in the wall…who you tryin’ to fool? Pft.

And who the hell assumes someone’s dead before they even check for a pulse. Come on now, girls. Get it together.